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Property & Facility Management

With the aim of providing a timely and high-quality service, Studio Iervolino is at the heart of a network of Professionals and Companies, which are entrusted with the task of individual collateral activities to the residents.


Everything we can do for you


Studio Iervolino offers the following ordinary services, as required by current regulations:

  1. Execution of meeting resolutions on ordinary matters;
  2. Preparation and sending of financial reports and ordinary budgets with the relating distributions;
  3. Accounting and request of pre-arranged fees for ordinary and/or extraordinary services;
  4. Preservation of archived documents as required by law (Privacy Protection Policy);
  5. Regulation of communal goods use and service provisions;
  6. Interacting with Public Administration;
  7. Interacting with suppliers and employees of the Apartment Complex;
  8. Tax deductions for residents.

Legal Assistance

By nature, the Apartment Complex is a place of confrontation on a daily basis between several subjects, from owners to tenants, to ordinary or extraordinary sub-contractors. This situation can often lead to misunderstandings or discomforts.

A lawyer with experience in the field at your disposal, as well as a close cooperation with important Law Firms, make Studio Iervolino the best choice allow to its clients fair enjoyment of common areas and, when possible, the achievement of undisputed agreements between the parts, aiding in the process of reducing costs that would otherwise be considerable.

Full Time Assistance

Studio Iervolino offers to its clients ongoing support, essential to solve all the problems that may occur in an apartment complex. The synergy with the most accomplished professionals in the area, which Studio Iervolino has always strived to reach, provides prompt and high-quality responses.

Immigration & Relocation

Since 2019, I work together with one of the most important realities in the Immigration and Relocation industry: Italy Relocation & Services, based in Milan, where I’m the advisor in charge of the region Lazio.

As Facility Manager, my job is to follow the multinationals high executives in the process of choosing the best living solution possible, from the selection of the school for the kids to any other necessity they might seek an arrangement to, upon moving to Lazio. Once completed this first task, I also provide the chance to rent anything that  they may need to make the new house perfect, from furniture onwards.


The best quality at your service


Nowadays, I manage more than 30 apartment complexes, most on the coast in Lazio, in addition to my work as Facility Manager, offering Immigration, Relocation and Furniture Rental services.

Member of BNI Colosseum Chapter, I developed valuable friendships and collaborations in order to ensure a steady growth and enhancement of my activity, as well as providing my clients exclusive services.


As required by Italian law (art. 71bis of the Civil Code), my work as Property and Facility Manager is constantly updating and it is guaranteed by the professional insurance policy signed with the most important Lloyd’s insurance company (see agreement n°AEAW0065027-LB).


In order to ensure full disclosure and promptness in execution when managing property, I introduced among my other services a telematic system that allows residents to use a password-protected and personal login information to send direct notifications, which significantly shortens the waiting times the in need of any kind of technical assistance.


Gian Paolo Iervolino

I started working at 19 as Officer in the Italian Army, honourably discharged in 1999 with the rank of Lieutenant. This experience helped me learn to manage any situation with clarity, detachment and timeliness, earning a disposition to problem solving I have then been able to enforce on any project thereafter.

Soon after, I passed the exam for the Financial Advisors’ Register (Regione Lazio n°12751), working for Bipop Carire until 2003. After assuming the role of Insurance Consultant first, and Financial Advisor later, I then redirected toward Property Management, not only managing apartment complexes, but also lending my skills to a renowned Natural Gas Company, operating in Pomezia and Latina.

This allowed me, even if rather young, to reach valuable goals like establishing the Circuito Verde Officina Franchise (registered trademark n° RM 2002 C 000221 in Gen.17th, 2002).

My attitude to problem solving has rendered me capable of offering my expertise in more than one area of business, like that of mobile telephony (Quality Manager for Vodafone) and that of automotive (IN-Bound Customer Service Manager for DaimlerChrysler Financial Services).


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